Dear Constituents of California’s 4th Congressional District,


I am running to represent you in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2020.
I’m in my 8th year on the Placerville Union School Board.

I’m a different type of candidate, one of those small “d” democrats that believes that a representative’s role is to represent all of his or her constituents. Not to advance a personal agenda. Not to serve just the constituents he or she agrees with most. And certainly not to advance the interests of out-of-district elites peddling money and influence.

My philosophy is simple: “I work for you.”

As I see it, my role as a candidate and hopefully as your Representative in the House is to unite the people of California’s 4th District around finding shared solutions to our common challenges. Instead of doing the standard politician thing of promising change in the future, I am determined to make change through my candidacy that will benefit our communities, whether I win or lose. This is about delivering progress to our communities; not advancing my ambition.

So what does that look like in action?

1. Voices of the District

A politician committed to listening… you’ve officially heard it all. I have policy ideas that I will be releasing but, first, I want to hear from you. The greatest strength of California’s 4th is our people and incorporating your ideas into my platform is my first priority as a candidate. If you would like to set up some time, please fill out this form.

2. Solution Summits

Listening is a great first step, but action is the goal. I will be co-hosting a series of “Solution Summits” to facilitate discussion and foster collaboration about pressing challenges we face from healthcare to supporting small business to wildfire prevention.

3. Platform Release & Campaign Sprint
Once I’ve heard from residents across the district, I will be releasing my platform and entering into a more traditional campaign phase. For now, I want to share the first principles of my approach to politics:

Freedom—all of us should be free from government interference in our personal lives
Opportunity—everyone should get a fair shot at a good life.
Responsibility—our government should be fully functional, transparent, and fiscally responsible
Community & Cooperation—we can only solve our problems and achieve progress when we work together and find the best solutions.

Thank you for visiting this website. It will expand as the elections approach. For now, you can request a meeting, volunteer for the campaign, or read my bio.

I greatly appreciate your interest in my candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives.

In solidarity,

Sean Frame

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