Endorsements to date

Silke Pflueger - Truckee, CA - Candidate, California Senate District 1

“Sean is the candidate that our rural district needs: Somebody who doesn’t only know our issues firsthand, but also has ideas on how to address them because he has lived and worked them for many years as a member of the school board. This experience combined with his willingness to listen means that he will be a real voice for all constituents."

Northern California Carpenters Regional Council

Tomas Evangelista - Co-Founder, California Dreamers

Today I’m endorsing Sean Frame for Congress because we need a Representative in the House that actually works for the people of CA-04. Over the last decade the needs of the local governments and communities have largely been ignored. We need a Congressman that calls this beautiful district their home and can deliver for the constituents of CA-04. We need Sean Frame for Congress.

Join me in helping Sean learn more about the issues that most concern you. We want to hear from all the constituents in CA-04. If it’s hosting a house party or even just meeting up for coffee Sean will be glad to go and listen. Candidate platforms should be made from the voice of the people.

Patty Wilson - Diamond Springs, CA - Coalition for Change

“Sean is a realistic progressive with deep experience. He will represent all of the citizens in District 04.”

Katharine Stabler, President, Placerville Union School District Board of Trustees

“Sean cares deeply for the people of his community and within the region, and continues to work to improve services within our area. I’m proud to endorse him for CA04 as his dedication would only continue to positively impact the lives of Californians and the US.”

Chris Belmer, Placerville Union School District Board of Trustees

“Sean has shown his commitment and dedication to Public Service as a Board Member for Placerville Union School District for the past 7 years, as well as taking leadership in the development and management of ElDorado Progressives since 2016. He seeks input from a variety of constituents in order to understand key issues impacting the people in our community. He lives locally, is honest and is a man of integrity.”

Craig A. Schmidt - CEO, Intelligolf, Inc.

“Mr. Frame is an honest, insightful, and hardworking leader that is committed to the betterment of our society, irrespective of party. I hope that you will join me in endorsing and voting for Mr. Sean Frame.”

Foothills Progressive Alliance

Carla Turoff - Board Member, El Dorado Peace and Justice Community

“Sean is intelligent, honest, and genuinely cares about supporting the needs of the people in this community. He has an ability to really listen to people, whatever their political orientation and I believe that he can genuinely represent our interests in Congress, unlike the supposed representation that we now have.”

Sacramento Progressive Alliance

Richard and Betsy Kerr - Placerville, CA

“Sean is a capable leader with progressive ideas and a lot of energy. He has served in an elected capacity and has experience in forming community organizations.”

Michael Muñoz - Director of Organizing (Retired), Northern California Carpenters Regional Council

“I have known and worked with Sean on many Labor Related and Community Organizing Projects. He is as real and genuine as it gets. Please support him.”

Campus Progressive Alliance, Folsom Lake College

Campus Progressive Alliance, Sacramento State University

Amber Muckerheide - Parent, PUSD - Placerville, CA

“Support Sean Frame for Congress. He cares about our community, our people, our students. He has been dedicated to the GATE film class for many years supporting students creativity. Zoey started in 3rd grade and aged out in 8th grade. Now she is volunteering to help Sean and Mrs Peterson with this program. Thank you both for the passion, dedication, and kindness you show these kids everyday.”

Elsa Schafer - SMC, Democracy for America

“Sean authentically speaks the language of my values, from protecting the environment to ensuring quality healthcare for all, progressively righting the ship, and I'm grateful to have such a stellar Candidate to support for CD-4. It's about time we got helpful leadership in Congress to back the people of CD-4, not the interests of the top 0.01%. Onward and thank you Sean!"

Carol Anne Ogden - Placerville, CA

“I've known Sean as the founder and organizer of the "El Dorado Progressives" (EDP). I've collaborated with him on numerous ideas, and he's got a track record of doing the right things. And, his politics are clear and focused...on citizens...He's a very busy man, and doesn't NEED to be a politician...but he is available and willing to serve, and will likely--upon election--make his representation of OUR values in El Dorado County the best we've witnessed in many years. He's an experienced business owner, and he understands how citizens can be a source for good government. Putting him in this Districts' seat in the Washington will make certain that our diverse needs and interests will be well represented, without turning the post into a place for Trump-like self-interest (which I see in our current do-nothing Representative).

Vote for and Support Sean in his quest for this important post, because he will--like he's done with EDP, in all its' community members--act like OUR VALUES AND NEEDS matter, and are properly represented in Washington. We won't see him face-to-face as much, but I'm confident his time is better spent DOING GOOD in shaping our nation's actions and laws.”