Sean Frame - My Biography

I live in Placerville, and my wife Ellyn Donovan and I are raising our family here, because we love the people and we love this region. Like so many places in California’s 4th, our community is strong and I’m proud to live in a place where we roll up our sleeves and do what needs to be done to solve problems. With all the stunning natural beauty and endless outdoor activities, this is where I want to be and where I want my family to be.

I’ve been on the Placerville Union School Board for 7 years where, along with my colleagues, we oversee the education of over 1,300 local kids and manage a budget of $12 million. In that role, I have become an education policy expert having completed the California School Boards Association Masters in Governance Program.  Most of the time, we have the great privilege of watching our students grow into successful adults. Others times, we help children overcome obstacles ranging from learning disabilities to hunger, trauma, and homelessness. All the time, we serve not as partisans but as concerned parents and community members working arm-in-arm to ensure that ALL of our kids have excellent public schools in which they can learn and have an opportunity for a great life.

I also own a film production company, which means a few things for my public service: I know how to listen to somebody’s story, draw out those magic kernels of truth that each of us has to share, and to express those stories powerfully. In creating literally hundreds of films for all kinds of businesses and organizations, I am also a business consultant with a deep understanding of a wide range of industries and NGOs.  It also means that I’m a small business owner dealing with common small business problems such as rising healthcare costs, exponential insurance rate hikes, the impact of government shutdowns, and more.

Most recently, I have become an activist and organizer, co-founding El Dorado Progressives--the largest non-partisan political organization in the county--with more than 2,100 members.  This organization has focused on progressive, values-based actions in our community including community medicare for all forums, immigrant community support and Know Your Rights events, candlelight vigils and marches, creation of progressive youth events and trips like our trip to March for Our Lives in Washington DC with eight high school students, and successful lobbying of City and County Government on issues of interest to our entire community.

I don’t say I’m a problem solver, I just get out and solve problems.